The Beauty of E-ships (Earthship)

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6 Years ago I got a dream. About Earthship-s

I was shown a video called “Garbage Warrior” and I became obsessed

I saw how to save the planet through epic sustainable living and practices.

I shared with my Dad and he and I went on ” Earthship builds”

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Viga trusses on an Earthship

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After working with The “Potters” and ” Mike Reynolds” and crew,

We entered into the E-Ship business.

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Now we have an engineer and architect on board that design E-Ships
(Earthships) and sign off on the plans so that you as a client have
a seamless way to acquire
one of your own.

Watch the video to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope you enjoyed the video, I really look forwards to hearing about how
it stirred something inside of you….

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Ed Wishart says:

“Bar none Earthships are the most phenomenal structures I have ever built,
throw away your furnace and you can downsize your fridge because now
you have natural food preservation by means of a modernized root cellar
food storage system. Totally energy efficient through off the grid system.
Very low maintenance building that will last a thousand years or more.”

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I am super stoked to build one of these E-ship (Earthship)for me and my family as they are
the most sound, green ecological way to live in harmony with the planet
while not stripping the planet of her resources. All while living in the
lap of luxury with our own purified water, grey water system, greenhouse
for growing your food inside your own home year round.

You can ask questions about E-Ships (Earthships) of my Dad here:

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart

The Ascending Kouple

How we build sustainable E-Ship (Earthships)homes By Green house Technologies ltd.

Ed Wishart (my dad) Ted Burch Engineer and partner, and Kana Yamada have joined forces to create E-ships based on Mike Reynolds designs of the earthship.

Joseph Tyler Explains his new plan A


Plan B, shifts to plan A…and a why

Joseph Tyler’s experience with corporate america and how he became disillusioned.

I too shared his same sentiment and became disillusioned with the job mentality…(journey of the broke or Jackass or boss)

Suzanne and I attracted, assembled and created a community of like minded, positive vibed, engaging characters that send ripples of positive energy into the world in an industry that in the past century has attracted a lower vibrational frequency.

This is our plan A

Yet, tattooing’s original intention was one of a right of passage or a spiritual experience.

So we were able to turn the stigma of people’s perceptions of a tattoo shop being a place of iniquity with drugs and heavy metal music and egotistical attitudes from the artists and staff,,,into…

A sacred space,,,a sanctuary or temple of art and healing.

Then as we expanded our own boxes, we became inspired to take our gifts to an even bigger audience and began to ask empowering questions, like how can we touch more people in positive uplifting ways?

Then the universe opened an opportunity,,,and the floodgates of heavens opened upon us.

Wow are we grateful.

Click here to discover how we are touching lives and helping people define their purpose and step into that purpose with clarity and determination.

See you the other side

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art


The Ascending Kouple