Ian Forced me out of Work and Wrestled me into Flash Gordon’s Rocket


He found out I’ve been forcing myself to work.

Long hours

21 hours a day.

Killing myself. Going crazy in the head.


I have a dream.


I discovered a way out of my prison of a business I’ve trapped myself

into of linear based income through tattooing. I know that residual

passive income is the only way to go.

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I see the light at the end of tunnel.

Though there has been times where it has been getting dim.

Closed right out a few times into total darkness.

Ian has been my mentor for 3 years now.

He knows my workaholic tendencies.

what I call focus, he calls obsessive.


Guilty as charged.

So Ian forced me out of work today…

as we rode our motorcycles away from my business i felt the wind and

my challenges just blew off of me with the wind…

Until; SUDDENLY I could not believe what I saw.

Flash Gordon’s rocket touched down in downtown Calgary.

check out the video here:

I’ve been accused of being a “Bull in a china shop”

Get er done is my philosophy.

Though sometimes I make a mess.

Like when I go days on end with no sleep…

I know I’m only operating at 70 percent or so.

I can get a lot done once I’ve switched into manic.

I’m excited about applying my gifts into my online marketing business.


I’m seeking more people with these abilities to create an army of marketers online that will change the world. For the better of course. 🙂

Opportunity 1: http://pizzaboymillionaire.com/cp1.php?id=vinzen

Prosperity Team has all the leaders of online marketing from all kinds of backgrounds and companies converging here to train and share their wealth of knowledge with you today.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Why Kill myself working so hard at linear based income methods like tattooing?


Done for content, emails, follow ups, auto responders, blogging systems.

Never in the history of online marketing has there ever been such an amazing opportunity.

Nor has there ever been a better time with ENV2 right around the corner we are going to rule Google. we are already number 256 with Alexa ratings. Once the new platform is out where we can blog from our cell phones, we will dominate the internet. Number 1 of Google and Alexa.

lh; 521855_10151404854288873_1703555188_n

The greatest opportunity for anyone considering a home based business.

It’s creating a situation for me where I no longer have to tattoo for money. Now I can tattoo because I enjoy it. It’s my passion,,,not my job,,,slaving away.




With that kind of clout, how can you ever go wrong when looking for a sound and solid business opportunity for yourself. Online marketing has created more millionaires in the past 3 years than any other opportunity in the history of the world.

What would happen if you were to fire your boss?

How would that feel?


This the link for you to enjoy to the fullest extent as you create the scenarios in your mind about how great this can be for you:



vinandsuz surf


Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart


The Ascending Kouple

Come rise with us


Skype: vince.wishart

Email: ascendingvin@gmail.com

Opportunity 1: http://pizzaboymillionaire.com/cp1.php?id=vinzen

My gift to You: goo.gl/yezhKq

Dave Sharpe’s greatest post.

It’s Time To Start Thinking Bigger

by | on August 5, 2013  


It’s time to think bigger.

Often times I’ve heard that Empower Network “won’t last long”. And frankly, I love it when people try and play God. I once heard, and often say “when you make plans God laughs”. And whether you’re a hard core believer or a total atheist, you get the drift.

As we come out of our 5th successful event, this one with close to 6,000 in attendance…

Denver Empower Network event….our vision of what’s possible keeps getting bigger (more photos from our events are available here).

I can remember when Dave Wood and I started this company, and what our intention was. It was clear: to help our teams succeed. That was it.

It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution in the home biz space this last 20 months. All the sudden, people started to succeed in ways I had personally never seen before (and to my knowledge, in ways that have never been done before in the history of our profession – especially for this size group). And all the sudden, people started to say “Empower Network is only about the money”. I’m also entertained by mind readers. I’d always wished I had that quality ;)

In my previous companies no one was ever criticized for “being all about the money” because there were only a few people who were making any – the majority was all being funneled in by the company in upside down comp plans. Not to mention manufactured products stories, lackluster company marketing funnels and greedy, small minded, petty owners. Here, the majority (and I do mean almost all of the revenue) is paid out to the distributors. And our problem is not that we need to find new ways for the same 2 leaders making money to tell their story… it’s that we’re now having to start doing 4 events simultaneously across the country to let people have the stage time and recognition that they deserve.

But even though our events have turned into the most impactful and talked about events in the profession, and we have people succeeding at levels that have (literally) never been done before…. it’s not good enough – it’s time to think bigger.

Because the truth is, we aren’t following a path already paved. We’re blazing our own trail. We’re growing our own leaders. And we’re earning our own respect. We don’t want anything given to us and we won’t take any handouts.

ENV2Over the last year, as critics and naysayers have criticized us for “not having real products” we’ve been quietly investing millions of our own personal/company funds into the development of a new blogging/mobile/marketing platform that will give our customers an edge no one has ever had before, and will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And even though we could have spent all our time trying to convince everyone stuck in the 1980′s that the internet is real, and yes – it’s really here. And delivering products online through digital downloads and back office membership sites is just smarter… we’ve chose to focus on our people. We’ve chose to focus on expanding our infrastructure. And we’ve chose to think and innovate like Apple and hustle like a silicon valley start-up.

And even though we’ve had a full-time 25 person tech team developing the next version of the Empower Network platform, and we haven’t stopped hiring since the day we realized we really needed to over a year ago, and even though our staff hustles day and night to serve our customers and affiliates (sometimes depriving themselves of sleep), and even though my brilliant partner Dave Wood and I have sent every email, shot every video and personally wrote every sales letter we’ve ever released (yes, what I’m saying is we haven’t even began to build our in house marketing team yet, so if you’re a pure marketing genius, have worked with large scale marketing companies before or just have the skills to pay the bills and think you might fit in here with us outcasts, email: jobs@empowernetwork.com). Regardless of all that: it’s time to think bigger.

We’ve just tipped the iceberg here in the states with right over 155,000 blogging customers as we’ve been testing things the last 20 months or so. As we release Empower Network Version 2.0, and start to seriously look at strategic International expansion, I want those of you who are running with us or looking at joining to realize where we’re going – and if you can’t see it yet, just know that we see it ;)

Many times people have termed us “here today, gone tomorrow”… but that couldn’t be further from the facts. We’re already planning for 5, 10, 20 and 30 years down the road. We’re already asking ourselves what is the move we need to make after the next move we make (read that again). The only people we aren’t asking their opinion is all the people who have the crystal balls, and all the mind readers. Their opinions don’t matter… because it’s time to think bigger.

Thought leaders have began to join. Graduates of  Harvard and MIT have began to join. Highly acclaimed speakers who have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Bob Procter, and Jim Rohn have began to join. Parts of Silicon Valley have begun to perk their ears up. Major media has started to tune in, especially as we travel the country and invade cities by the thousands, leaving each city better than we found by making large contributions to homeless outreach centers and coalitions. When the bombing happened at the Boston Marathon we immediately transitioned our event fundraiser to raise emergency funds for Red Cross – and together we raised over $30,000 in 2 days. The bottom line is: the people who are here are the ones who are supposed to be here, and the ones who are watching and waiting can have all the time they need. And I’ll tell them like I told an industry legend I was talking to the other day, who will remain nameless:

He said: “I kick myself many times over about missing out on the action with Empower.”

And, I said: “People and leaders you know are going to start approaching you, and they could be in your downline ……or you could be in theirs.”

And the truth is: the action hasn’t even started yet :)

So I want you to start thinking bigger.

Watch This And Join Now.

David Sharpe
Co-Founder and President Of YOUR Empower Network

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below. Tell me if you’re ready to start thinking bigger …..or how you already have. 







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