Sharing Successes


My dear Friend William who helped us out at the SEED Event



A halloween party at Tattered Wings Tattoo where I first met Suzanne

A booth we had at the Calgary tattoo convention314_72576110343_3557_n 971787_615646241803349_1643247011_none of my favorite tattoos I’ve done 970632_10151553233988873_1972922497_n  Suz and I at a huge Party for Empower.734308_10151151087700771_2008787756_n breakthrough moment for me having dinner with both of my kids for the first time in a long while.553985_10151583902883129_1916879815_nAfter the baseball game with the prosperity team. 1010057_10151766391730883_1771046452_n Ascending Koi team building excercise1003728_10151553236603873_1024258806_n Meeting up with Unstoppable Family400717_10151407433598873_1426419805_n 2 great spiritual gals316320_10150291940693873_7186872_n me and Suz in montana424998_10150589209073873_1612657572_n. Getting the opportunity to give back to Fresh Start recovery center with a mural. 532435_10151183299980689_1873406774_nMeeting with Sequoia at the SEED Event 298656_10150897187200527_407288703_n fun at halloween291823_10151332703749224_2143893065_n A blessed team268234_10150700864475527_2992512_n our first Stampede breakfast263702_10150311601185731_5504701_n 250287_10150208020953578_7118343_nanother newspaper article 253779_10150200675137548_246396_nsome of my paintings at an art show 254285_10150200675142548_495501_n 262340_10150232174303873_618460_n getting beaten by a cop while in a straight jacket74230_10151407432258873_548226139_nintentional tattoo at the SEED EVENT 28954_383886577547_3728087_n more mediaCopy of 300268_10150292809798873_4736063_n Copy of 67851_10151332704489224_2121702318_n Suz ribs and my son’s dog portraitCopy of 5850_227404500452_4586058_n Copy of 59102_573677129342005_735559921_n interviews in DenverCopy of 60542_10151332704699224_1318712775_n stellar groupCopy of 62623_10151407433623873_679307057_n Epic SethCopy of 4959_139219391240_7310418_n Copy of 4694_107665111792_1840086_n tattoo at the lethbridge tattoo convention. earthshippingCopy of 4694_107665101792_2649347_n Copy of 4694_107665091792_6855458_nthe first solar tattoo Copy of 4340_80610233959_4983404_n epic wingsCopy of 44590_132686743442682_7020036_n building an earthshipCopy of 4651_92261163959_1049432_n an older spaceCopy of 4694_107665021792_263862_n Creating more earthshipsCopy of 37503_1340204020887_1605265_n reuniting with familyCopy of 40026_132942033417153_2365_n more earthshipsCopy of 40478_133188546725835_2636126_n Solar tattoo in the wilderness form the suns energyCopy of 41171_1368914858640_2233128_n my 2 sistasCopy of 36725_401603435919_4829938_n riding with the boysCopy of 2796_96859100730_2955243_n my first fine art aquisitionCopy of 261999_10150249340413873_2380301_n AK brandingCopy of 20197_615754561792517_1352575350_n A piece im proud ofCopy of 163306_10151184687642548_1774005710_n 3 generations for the holidays1043991_10152998353080371_1322217884_n AK teambuilding923523_10151407432778873_477819133_n intentional tattoo demonstrations at the SEED event734308_10151151087700771_2008787756_n diner with my kidlets971787_615646241803349_1643247011_n piece im proud of…532435_10151183299980689_1873406774_n giving back to Fresh Start Recovery0320972_10150292808743873_2823499_n Suzs ribs after 8.5 hr sitting28954_383886577547_3728087_n more media36174_118456464879882_4961404_n celebration of my back piece4694_107665101792_2649347_n first solar tattoo ever

Thought i would be nice to share some celebrations with you….

Thanx for being a part of our family, without you our vision for a next level Tattoo experience would’ve been impossible.


in other news…

Joseph Tyler Explains his new plan A


Plan B, shifts to plan A…and a why

Joseph Tyler’s experience with corporate america and how he became disillusioned.

I too shared his same sentiment and became disillusioned with the job mentality…(journey of the broke or Jackass or boss)

Suzanne and I attracted, assembled and created a community of like minded, positive vibed, engaging characters that send ripples of positive energy into the world in an industry that in the past century has attracted a lower vibrational frequency.

This is our plan A

Yet, tattooing’s original intention was one of a right of passage or a spiritual experience.

So we were able to turn the stigma of people’s perceptions of a tattoo shop being a place of iniquity with drugs and heavy metal music and egotistical attitudes from the artists and staff,,,into…

A sacred space,,,a sanctuary or temple of art and healing.

Then as we expanded our own boxes, we became inspired to take our gifts to an even bigger audience and began to ask empowering questions, like how can we touch more people in positive uplifting ways?

Then the universe opened an opportunity,,,and the floodgates of heavens opened upon us.

Wow are we grateful.

Click here to discover how we are touching lives and helping people define their purpose and step into that purpose with clarity and determination.

See you the other side

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art


The Ascending Kouple