Ascending Koi Tattoo Giving Back to Calgary Flood Relief


Check out this cool video:


We hosted a rad block party fundraiser.

We do this through our brick and mortar business as well as our online businesses we set the same intentions throughout the Ascending Koi Group of Companies.

We designed the business based on our personal befief systems.


We were told by Bill Walsh Venture Capitalist that: “When opening a business in this day and age to observe what the masses do and run in the opposite direction”


We were not interested in having a tattoo studio that resembled anything like the underbelly, seedy tattoo shops of the past.


So we set a strong intention to create a stand apart business that brings tattooing back to its original intention: That of a “right of passage or a spiritual experience”.


When you come to our studio you will feel different. In a better way.

-Engaging staff

-Giving Back with community events

-Soothing music in our studio sanctuary

-Neurolinguistic programming techniques applied to the tattoo process

-No rock star attitudes,

-Humble and thoughtful approach to the industry

-Not just about producing an amazing tattoo, but also about including the client in the creative process

-Developing and maintaining lasting relationships with the clients

Our goal is to give the best service while providing a safe environment for our fantastic demographic of people.

We do community events to bring a former underground business to an above ground high profile business of a drug free, swearing free, (we have a swear jar) that we can authenically market and blog about to our followers and supporters.

We apply these same strategies to all our businesses in the Ascending Koi Group of companies.

This includes our online businesses. We give so value that people think we are nuts. You see how here:

Our intention with our online businesses is to not only give great value, but also help people ascend in their own lives to get to more prosperous way of being not only financially, but also spiritually, and even physical health is addressed in our blogs and email processes.

So come ascend with us and we will see you on the beaches of the world




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The Ascending Kouple

As If…A Tattoo Millionaire?



“Impossible.” they said.

“How could it be possible?” I said.

I’ve been seeking out ways to become a millionaire or find financial freedom for a long while now.

In and out of tattooing.

I found a few people that have achieved millionaire status from tattooing.

Ami James and Kat Von D became millionaires through their television shows and corporate sponsorships.

And their “Definite of Purpose”.

There is another very famous pioneering fella here in Calgary that worked very hard and

focused and became an epic artist even though he had a handicap of being color blind.

Through very hard work, he achieved millionaire status.

He had a divorce which cost him a lot. His former wife went into competition with him. The

tax man also bit a large chunk out his profits later on as well. Real personal growth stuff.


I have interviewed a lot of the older tattoo artists the ones one may call ” Successful”. I

found few millionaires. If they were able to achieve millionaire status it seemed that

much the rest of their life was in shambles.


For me Millionaire is a state of mind. Not a state of pocketbook.

I have seen people win the lottery and then were unable to retain the wealth as their

mindset was not in congruency with their pocketbook.

Timothy Ferris has a new book called: ” The 4 Hour Workweek”


down load it for free here:

Bruce Dickson sang a song about being a tattooed millionaire:

Tobey and Layla have done it. Rags to riches story. Struggling musicians a few months

back. Now they need big trucks to cart their money around in.


A major inspiration for me and Suzanne.


She defines success and gives hope as a tattooed millionaire here:

We give even more hope on our Ascending Kouple blog here:

We help people step into their power here:

Click the link below and see how we help people connect to their inner greatness and give it

to the rest of the world. Join the movement towards freedom.






The Beauty of E-ships (Earthship)

Copy of 292819_10150291932058873_4668353_n

6 Years ago I got a dream. About Earthship-s

I was shown a video called “Garbage Warrior” and I became obsessed

I saw how to save the planet through epic sustainable living and practices.

I shared with my Dad and he and I went on ” Earthship builds”

Copy of 40026_132942033417153_2365_n

Viga trusses on an Earthship

Copy of 4694_107665021792_263862_n

After working with The “Potters” and ” Mike Reynolds” and crew,

We entered into the E-Ship business.

Copy of 4694_107665091792_6855458_n

Now we have an engineer and architect on board that design E-Ships
(Earthships) and sign off on the plans so that you as a client have
a seamless way to acquire
one of your own.

Watch the video to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope you enjoyed the video, I really look forwards to hearing about how
it stirred something inside of you….

Copy of 36179_435731784723_7812477_n

Ed Wishart says:

“Bar none Earthships are the most phenomenal structures I have ever built,
throw away your furnace and you can downsize your fridge because now
you have natural food preservation by means of a modernized root cellar
food storage system. Totally energy efficient through off the grid system.
Very low maintenance building that will last a thousand years or more.”

Copy of 37503_1340204020887_1605265_n

I am super stoked to build one of these E-ship (Earthship)for me and my family as they are
the most sound, green ecological way to live in harmony with the planet
while not stripping the planet of her resources. All while living in the
lap of luxury with our own purified water, grey water system, greenhouse
for growing your food inside your own home year round.

You can ask questions about E-Ships (Earthships) of my Dad here:

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart

The Ascending Kouple

How we build sustainable E-Ship (Earthships)homes By Green house Technologies ltd.

Ed Wishart (my dad) Ted Burch Engineer and partner, and Kana Yamada have joined forces to create E-ships based on Mike Reynolds designs of the earthship.

Anthony Robbins explains the power of decision

An empowered decision changes Everything

vinandsuz surf




If you found out that you were to die in two weeks,,,

Who would you call?

How would you be?

How would that change your decision making?

How would you live?

When do people make the decision to start living

With fulfillment?

What’s your target?

What are you after?

What creates zeal in you?

3 decisions to make immediately

What are gonna focus on now?

What meaning will you give it?

What emotion does that stir in you?

Its this emotion that then creates the action….

If you had made a different decision in the past, how would your life be different today?

Anthony Robbins explains how:

What a rush!!!

Oh what a feeling a decision can make!

Vince (Vinzen) Wishart

The Ascending Kouple


NLP Breakthrough for Martin on a sidewalk cafe in Denver

by | on August 6, 2013  


one person may see me like this while anther may see me like this:


2 people in the same situation both
perceiving it differently.

Breakthrough moments happen for us when

we look at things differently.

Perception equals projection.

Which means then the way look at things
is the way things become.

Quantum physics has done very extensive research on this topic and have found that cells even molecules will change just by the way see them

The way we perceive them.
This link goes into depth:

Martin had a perception that was no longer serving him. So we dealt with it right there in minutes he was no longer in bondage to his limiting belief systems. He had a breakthrough.

Martin’s breakthrough changed his perception to one of more resourcefulness.

Empower”s founder David Wood is a linguistics and
NLP master practitioner.
These are the things he uses on us all the time.
I’m conscious of it as i have conscious competence
as I am a certified practitioner of NLP and SIIA as
well as I am working on my hypnosis certification as

My purpose on this planet is to help people find their
purpose with absolute clarity. So they can scream

breakthrough when they understand their power to create any positive outcome.

Once we have established their purpose (often times found
through an exercise called the “Values Elicitation” an NLP
process which I guide them through takes about 3 hrs and
radically changes their lives in powerfully positive ways
call 403 276 3066 to book a consult. Skype process can be
done for this exercise)

I do this to create great outcomes for others and the highest
good of all is my intention. Always.

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art

Breakthrough artists  and Dreamhealers

The Ascending Kouple


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About The Author:

Suzanne and i met just about 6 yrs ago and began really good friends, then great friends, then life partners. Our drives in life are congruent and share similar messages in wanting to help and heal others in all areas of their lives. Diet, mental, spiritual, financial. We strive for great outcomes for others and live to be in service in order to assist in creating the highest outcomes for others.

3 Instant Cures for Depression…Careful you may laugh


None of these guys are  depressed.

Neither do I. Nor does Suzanne.


There was a time,,,when

I was prone to depression

for one reason…

one reason alone…

I spoke into existence.

I created my depression reality through the words that I spoke.

I no longer experience depression!

I no longer take meds that a
doctor gave me because he thought
I was manic depressive.

I no longer accept the ailments
that are imposed on me by others.

Listening to doctors inflicting
ailments and believing them was


I’ve come to learn that in every
situation there is always
something there to be grateful for.

Now i just simply sort that thing
which i need to be grateful for,,,

and voila, no depression.

As an NLP practitioner I have
included a very serious video of 2
very important methods to cure
depression instantly.

I trust you will enjoy.

Another way to stave off the effects
of depression is to get the money
thing out the way.

Money burdens are very great way to
cause depression for some.

Click the link at the bottom to
figure out how to get an extra 5200.00
per month residual income flowing into
your bank account.

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art

The Ascending Kouple


Dave Sharpe’s greatest post.

It’s Time To Start Thinking Bigger

by | on August 5, 2013  


It’s time to think bigger.

Often times I’ve heard that Empower Network “won’t last long”. And frankly, I love it when people try and play God. I once heard, and often say “when you make plans God laughs”. And whether you’re a hard core believer or a total atheist, you get the drift.

As we come out of our 5th successful event, this one with close to 6,000 in attendance…

Denver Empower Network event….our vision of what’s possible keeps getting bigger (more photos from our events are available here).

I can remember when Dave Wood and I started this company, and what our intention was. It was clear: to help our teams succeed. That was it.

It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution in the home biz space this last 20 months. All the sudden, people started to succeed in ways I had personally never seen before (and to my knowledge, in ways that have never been done before in the history of our profession – especially for this size group). And all the sudden, people started to say “Empower Network is only about the money”. I’m also entertained by mind readers. I’d always wished I had that quality ;)

In my previous companies no one was ever criticized for “being all about the money” because there were only a few people who were making any – the majority was all being funneled in by the company in upside down comp plans. Not to mention manufactured products stories, lackluster company marketing funnels and greedy, small minded, petty owners. Here, the majority (and I do mean almost all of the revenue) is paid out to the distributors. And our problem is not that we need to find new ways for the same 2 leaders making money to tell their story… it’s that we’re now having to start doing 4 events simultaneously across the country to let people have the stage time and recognition that they deserve.

But even though our events have turned into the most impactful and talked about events in the profession, and we have people succeeding at levels that have (literally) never been done before…. it’s not good enough – it’s time to think bigger.

Because the truth is, we aren’t following a path already paved. We’re blazing our own trail. We’re growing our own leaders. And we’re earning our own respect. We don’t want anything given to us and we won’t take any handouts.

ENV2Over the last year, as critics and naysayers have criticized us for “not having real products” we’ve been quietly investing millions of our own personal/company funds into the development of a new blogging/mobile/marketing platform that will give our customers an edge no one has ever had before, and will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And even though we could have spent all our time trying to convince everyone stuck in the 1980′s that the internet is real, and yes – it’s really here. And delivering products online through digital downloads and back office membership sites is just smarter… we’ve chose to focus on our people. We’ve chose to focus on expanding our infrastructure. And we’ve chose to think and innovate like Apple and hustle like a silicon valley start-up.

And even though we’ve had a full-time 25 person tech team developing the next version of the Empower Network platform, and we haven’t stopped hiring since the day we realized we really needed to over a year ago, and even though our staff hustles day and night to serve our customers and affiliates (sometimes depriving themselves of sleep), and even though my brilliant partner Dave Wood and I have sent every email, shot every video and personally wrote every sales letter we’ve ever released (yes, what I’m saying is we haven’t even began to build our in house marketing team yet, so if you’re a pure marketing genius, have worked with large scale marketing companies before or just have the skills to pay the bills and think you might fit in here with us outcasts, email: Regardless of all that: it’s time to think bigger.

We’ve just tipped the iceberg here in the states with right over 155,000 blogging customers as we’ve been testing things the last 20 months or so. As we release Empower Network Version 2.0, and start to seriously look at strategic International expansion, I want those of you who are running with us or looking at joining to realize where we’re going – and if you can’t see it yet, just know that we see it ;)

Many times people have termed us “here today, gone tomorrow”… but that couldn’t be further from the facts. We’re already planning for 5, 10, 20 and 30 years down the road. We’re already asking ourselves what is the move we need to make after the next move we make (read that again). The only people we aren’t asking their opinion is all the people who have the crystal balls, and all the mind readers. Their opinions don’t matter… because it’s time to think bigger.

Thought leaders have began to join. Graduates of  Harvard and MIT have began to join. Highly acclaimed speakers who have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Bob Procter, and Jim Rohn have began to join. Parts of Silicon Valley have begun to perk their ears up. Major media has started to tune in, especially as we travel the country and invade cities by the thousands, leaving each city better than we found by making large contributions to homeless outreach centers and coalitions. When the bombing happened at the Boston Marathon we immediately transitioned our event fundraiser to raise emergency funds for Red Cross – and together we raised over $30,000 in 2 days. The bottom line is: the people who are here are the ones who are supposed to be here, and the ones who are watching and waiting can have all the time they need. And I’ll tell them like I told an industry legend I was talking to the other day, who will remain nameless:

He said: “I kick myself many times over about missing out on the action with Empower.”

And, I said: “People and leaders you know are going to start approaching you, and they could be in your downline ……or you could be in theirs.”

And the truth is: the action hasn’t even started yet :)

So I want you to start thinking bigger.

Watch This And Join Now.

David Sharpe
Co-Founder and President Of YOUR Empower Network

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below. Tell me if you’re ready to start thinking bigger …..or how you already have. 







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