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Vince and Suzanne are entrepreneurs that have taken their brick and mortar business and their successful brand online to market the most effective ways possible in this day and age. You may find it interesting to see Vince as he has fumbled through the “techy” realm and yet still manages to figure it out.

vinandsuz surf

At their core they are spiritually inclined and activists for change that always ask: “What would love do in this situation?”

They have created a tattoo sanctuary where people can in from the chaotic lives into our soft, safe welcoming soothing environment.

Suzanne collaborated with business & life partner, Vince Wishart to merge their various passions to create their dream: Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel. They have realized their dream through creating an atmosphere that is real, approachable, and authentic. Ascending Koi is a place of acceptance, empowerment, development, & support of healthy relationships & dreams actualized!

Raised in Calgary, Suzanne has a background in Communications including journalism and photojournalism. She has a deep passion for tattoo artistry and the ever-evolving meanings of tattoo for the new subculture. Suzanne also believes in and supports the empowerment of young girls and women, travel and community, learning about various cultures as well as participating in the joys and successes of the people that enter her life.

A dedicated mother, proud grandmother, life and business partner and friend are only a few of the roles and titles Suzanne takes on in her daily life. She is also a self-described entrepreneur, yogi, supporter, leader and spiritual workshop facilitator. Her dream is to build a community with her family, friends, and Ascending Koi family while touching people’s lives in meaningful ways.

Our vision for the AK clothing line is to send positive and thought provoking messages out into the world through creative custom imagery and messages combined with thoughtful garment choices in terms of fabrics, manufacturing processes and style.


Vince is an Artist, fine art painter, muralist, surfer, and of all things an award winning tattoo artist. He teams for Startree Integration Adventures which is groups sessions with spiritual psychologist Kelly Tobey. He loves his kids and his grand kids. He is a certified practitioner of NLP (Nuerolinguistic Programming) and SIIA (Supreme Influence in Action). He loves to live in solution and to help others find their own solutions. Vince had a history of drug addiction in his past and dedicated his life to showing others a way through their pain. He has studied shamanism, the bible thouroughly, the Bagavad Gita, and studies some Buddist philosophy. Entrenched in positive mental attitude books, Vince has found his new drug of choice is to be of selfless service to others. Being blessed to go through struggles in his life he learned to overcome and shows others how to do the same.


He is very excited about the future of their clothing line AK “A-Wear-ness” as they set out to create their own textiles out of sustainable fabrics like hemp. Saving the planet is very important to him which he demonstrates by building earthships.

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