The Cow House, The Dream, The Drawing, The Kouple, Then God gave us a Vision


This crazy house was once a costume shop run by Suzanne Delaine.

Suz and I began discussing possibilities for opening a tattoo studio together

Copy of 17827_10151378701023873_246278073_n



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This is the original drawing I did to incorporate the spotted house into our vision



Finally deciding to do it at the location she had run a costume shop called “Whats in Store”.

A landmark building with the cow print, everyone knows the location and is an amazing location.

We joined forces in relationship and in business at the same time.


There were those would warn us that mixing business and relationship was a no/no. We knew better. We knew our deep deep love we felt for each other knew no limits…we could do anything.

How could it not work? We were on top of the world.


After a few years in our tattoo business in which we created a sanctuary for people to go to to feel safe in our environment. We even had a swear jar for people to mind the energy they brought into the space.

l400 ak

We brought tattooing’s original intention of being a right of passage or a spiritual experience back to its original intention.


We even developed a process called the Intentional Tattoo” Where we bring in a much deeper meaning meaning to the tattoo than just skin deep. By amplifying the submodalities we amplify and anchor states for the client, so if in the future they are feeling unresourceful, then they can evoke empowered states from themselves at will.

A video from The Seed Event:

I became far to obsessed with work. My perfectionism began to take center stage and I was working way to long of hours to be healthy. Then a mediation with my ex-wife where she not only took the house and all the belongings, but i had to pay a large sum of money on top of everything. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I began to work around the clock, neglecting Suzanne’s needs to be heard and comforted and even just accompanied. Which in turn began to break down the eaze that we once had. We seldom were connecting anymore and tensions were becoming prevalent. I did not know how to fix it. I started a new business that promised a way to create money that had eaze.

I thought this was our answer and i focused what little time i had into that rather than our relationship. My thought was if i can just get the money thing out of the way, then i can fix this relationship.

Unfortunately i did not succeed in saving our relationship through my new business and it became to much for Suzanne to handle.

So she called off the relationship as she could see I was not heading in a healthy direction as i became to obsessed with work and my ever growing bills.

My hope was to carry on business as usual.

Sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned

She strongly suggested I take a time out. So I’ve left to go to the island to decompress. It feels like she wants me out of our businesses as well as the relationship.

I said I was in our relationship for the “Long Haul”. I guess its a little shorter than I had hoped for. I’m feeling really blessed to have gotten 5 years out this relationship as it was so good. So good in so many ways. All of them really except 1 tiny little personal matter. I truly thought we could work it out, but every few months it would reappear and we would go through a typical struggle for weeks on end.

But i will always carry her love in my heart. She has set the bar so high, I feel I may never find a love like that again. She has shown me more about myself in the past few years than i had ever learned in all my life before that.

Our relationship was designed to mirror each and show us our individual stuff. I’m very grateful for that as I know myself a lot better than i ever did.

So after my sabbatical, I will look for other ways to help humanity and grow myself further with the highest outcome for all. I have been offered to look after a yogi’s acreage, Swap work for accommodations on an organic farm, park a motor home on another person’s acreage,,,not much in the way creating the wealth it takes to pay down my bills however…Maybe I need to let go of that idea. Feeling very drawn to the earth as far as helping the planet and those that walk on it, even healthy, high vibrational food production.

so…my obsession for Earthships


high tire walls



vinzen wish-art and mike reynolds

Me and Mike Reynolds the inventor of the Earthship concept.

earthship bath


I have an appointment with my Dad’s engineer here in Comox. and looking forwards to hearing his ideas around the Earthship creation project that my Dad and his engineer Ted and their drafts person have undergone. They are very persuasive in their attempts to let my other art forms go for a while to come and build these earthy art homes.

Copy of 4694_107665091792_6855458_n

This, combined with my healing modalities I’ve been working in such as a practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis (trained by Niurka), and training Maynard Dalderus with Wellspring release as well with teaming Workshops for Kelly Tobey a spiritual psychologist, many courses like Personal Best level one and 2, I love to help others in service especially when there is healing involved.

I do adore the island where i can ski in the day and surf waves at night…the most gorgeous and amazing place here. Such a huge connection with spirit here.

So on my trip here I’m looking forwards to putting some good attention into my blogs as well. Online marketing is a wave of consciousness that is sweeping the net and people are waking up very fast to the amazing results that can be had in very short periods of time.

Like Jon here:


His parent said to him to get a job as he had been playing video games from 18-21. so he went online found what i am doing, and did a neat little trick with you tube and now a year later his monthly income is in the neighborhood of $50,000.00 per mth. See our income disclosure as results will vary.

So everyone wants more of either one or both: Time or money.

To me money equal time.

With more time to give to my beloved, I could’ve saved our relationship and business.

Copy of 303656_10150291941193873_2367063_n

what a beauty she is:


I adore this pic. So grateful to have enjoyed that heartfelt smile all these years. All the hours spent decorating her skin in great conversation. What an epic loving being she is.

Freeman Kevin is speaking to “Letting go of the attachment of holding on to Suzanne and the Ascending Koi group of companies”:

It is with with deep gratitude and appreciation that i say Thank You to Suzanne, Great Spirit, and all our supporters along the way. It has been such an epic journey of self discovery and awareness in this joint venture.

So as I prepare to let go of all control of the vision of Ascending Koi group of companies, as I’m beginning to understand that we are just allowed to borrow things and stuff from the universe anyways, there really is no ownership. I let go of attachment to the dream I had built with long term vision and release it all to bring in the next great things to replace the opening in the space such as healing and bringing in trust.


I saw this today and hit home with me that I have some more to do before I can expect to be in a serious relationship with anyone else in awhile. Awareness is good.

I know I can have faith in the Earthships as they are a proven system that can literally save the planet.

Learn more about them here:

Thank You very much for taking time out of your day to read my post



I will be tattooing in Calgary for a limited time before I go to the coast to start a new venture. If you are looking to get ink finished or to start a new piece, please call 4/0/3-8/3/0-6/5/2/3 to book yourself in or email to Thank you all who made my journey to serve here at AK so special for me.

Ascending vinzen freedom lightworker

Ascending Vin-Zen


Freedom Lightworker


Skype: vince.wishart


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“Healing humanity’s abundance”

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