Ian Forced me out of Work and Wrestled me into Flash Gordon’s Rocket


He found out I’ve been forcing myself to work.

Long hours

21 hours a day.

Killing myself. Going crazy in the head.


I have a dream.


I discovered a way out of my prison of a business I’ve trapped myself

into of linear based income through tattooing. I know that residual

passive income is the only way to go.

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I see the light at the end of tunnel.

Though there has been times where it has been getting dim.

Closed right out a few times into total darkness.

Ian has been my mentor for 3 years now.

He knows my workaholic tendencies.

what I call focus, he calls obsessive.


Guilty as charged.

So Ian forced me out of work today…

as we rode our motorcycles away from my business i felt the wind and

my challenges just blew off of me with the wind…

Until; SUDDENLY I could not believe what I saw.

Flash Gordon’s rocket touched down in downtown Calgary.

check out the video here:

I’ve been accused of being a “Bull in a china shop”

Get er done is my philosophy.

Though sometimes I make a mess.

Like when I go days on end with no sleep…

I know I’m only operating at 70 percent or so.

I can get a lot done once I’ve switched into manic.

I’m excited about applying my gifts into my online marketing business.


I’m seeking more people with these abilities to create an army of marketers online that will change the world. For the better of course. 🙂

Opportunity 1: http://pizzaboymillionaire.com/cp1.php?id=vinzen

Prosperity Team has all the leaders of online marketing from all kinds of backgrounds and companies converging here to train and share their wealth of knowledge with you today.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Why Kill myself working so hard at linear based income methods like tattooing?


Done for content, emails, follow ups, auto responders, blogging systems.

Never in the history of online marketing has there ever been such an amazing opportunity.

Nor has there ever been a better time with ENV2 right around the corner we are going to rule Google. we are already number 256 with Alexa ratings. Once the new platform is out where we can blog from our cell phones, we will dominate the internet. Number 1 of Google and Alexa.

lh; 521855_10151404854288873_1703555188_n

The greatest opportunity for anyone considering a home based business.

It’s creating a situation for me where I no longer have to tattoo for money. Now I can tattoo because I enjoy it. It’s my passion,,,not my job,,,slaving away.




With that kind of clout, how can you ever go wrong when looking for a sound and solid business opportunity for yourself. Online marketing has created more millionaires in the past 3 years than any other opportunity in the history of the world.

What would happen if you were to fire your boss?

How would that feel?


This the link for you to enjoy to the fullest extent as you create the scenarios in your mind about how great this can be for you:



vinandsuz surf


Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart


The Ascending Kouple

Come rise with us


Skype: vince.wishart

Email: ascendingvin@gmail.com

Opportunity 1: http://pizzaboymillionaire.com/cp1.php?id=vinzen

My gift to You: goo.gl/yezhKq

4 thoughts on “Ian Forced me out of Work and Wrestled me into Flash Gordon’s Rocket

  1. Just an Awesome Post! Even if your work is something you ENJOY……all work and No Play can make any man “CRANKY”…..LOL…. It is why I Write, Blog, Share, and Advocate. My Bipolar, Panic, Agoraphobia, OCD, and AADD may have chased me out of working in a Building with others, but now I get to do what I Love & Enjoy as a living. But……I don’t work myself to death, even if it’s my Passion. To much of one thing is not called *LIFE BALANCE* in Recovery.

    That’s when we MISS the Little things in Life that are around us that bring us JOY. Spouse, Kids, Pets, Hobbies, Relaxing, what ever it is that makes you Happy. I EVEN NEED to take a BREAK from my HEALTH ISSUES……..pretend I’m NORMAL, what ever the HELL that IS…LOL….YUP…..Life Balance….Very important . God Bless, Catherine 🙂

    • Hi Again Vin & Suz…
      Because for ALL you do for others in Sharing & Inspiring others, I have Nominated you for *THE LIEBSTER AWARD*….Your Blog Posts are Powerful, so Congrats!! And if you’d like to pass on the LUV to Blogs who inspire you, all the simple details are on my Blog at: http://CatherineLyonAddictedToDimes.wordpress.com Called: *Another Fab Blog Award*! God Bless, Author Catherine Lyon 🙂

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