My Vasectomy turned Awful, It got bad fast! Because I chose to Tailor my own Manhood

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Do not try this at home



So it came time for my vasectomy

I’m on the operating table and the doc did the deal and began tying them em up.

As he is stitching the scrotum back up i said to him. ” Hey I wear those nitrile gloves at work everyday. Let me do some of the stitching.”

He said “nope”

I said: “Come on man, I need to brush up on my suturing abilities.”

Surprisingly he said: “OK”

So I became a tailor of my own manhood.

So when the vasectomy was finished,

Some how I got the bright idea that it was cause to celebrate

Off to a rave we went.

We danced and danced into the wee hours.

At one point I went to the bathroom.

I’m Standing the urinal and I looked down at my nut sack


All my stitches had come out, and I had a huge hole in my bag.

So like any inquisitive fellow would do I squeezed one of my balls out of the hole


Just then a fellow boogie boy walked up to the urinal besides me.

I said to him: ” Hey man; does this look normal to you?”

He looked over at my ball hanging out of it natural nest dangling in the wind,,,

He tried to utter words,,,but instead he turned white and fainted on the bathroom floor.


I thought to myself as I once again realized that “My way of doing things is not always the most effective.”

So I drove to emergency

Spent most of the night playing with this new vantage point while awaiting a new tailor outside of myself to fix my self imposed dilemma.

What did i learn from my vasectomy gone awry experience?:

Just because I think my way is best, It doesn’t hurt to ask the advice from someone who has gone before me to create higher outcomes for themselves to speak some sense into me.

That also requires me to be sensible or teachable.

Not such an easy task with me at times in the past.

A little more maturity has shown me that to get what it is that i really want in my life its great to reach out and ask a lot of questions.

Now that Ive been doing things my way for a long time…I have come to realize that I hadn’t accumulated a lot of stuff. Or when I had done so I wasn’t able to keep it.


So now I have a bunch of different coaches for different things I’m striving for in my life.

An NLP coach,

A life coach,

Several business coaches,

2 published authors are on the payroll to guide me in creating and delivering to my seekers my new book: “Hi my name is Vince and I’m a recovering Jehovah’s Witness”

Coaches for our sustainable living business

A coach for our sustainable clothing line

Today I’m way more teachable.

I’m open and willing to receive guidance from my coaches in the online and affiliate marketing arena as well.

I have also learned to go to the top. The ones with the most success.

Another thing ive found to be important is the: reliability factor.

So my vasectomy experience also taught me that when I have things standing in the way of my flow in life to remove the blockage which in this case was the worry that I would bring more children into the world without having the finances in order.

So i got rid of that encumbrance.

I just wish that someone would’ve told me that a bio product of vasectomies is that every couple of days afterward for years after that I would double over in pain of being kicked in the nards…FOR NO GOOD REASON…

Damn that was some seriously unexpected pain at unforeseen times…

So most people I know and that you are looking for more ways to expand their income circle and achieve more financial stability in their lives.

Maybe just to go on more holidays, to work less, spend more time with their loved ones, gain more time.

How much does it cost you to buy a day back from your life?

How about a month?

What about a year?

These are the questions that my business coaches said to me when I told them I wanted more out of this life. Time being the most important commodity.

They sent me here: To learn from those that had pioneered a lifestyle design that empowers those seeking more retire within a yr on a 10 hour a week effort.

If you have 10 hrs you can spare to create the life of your dreams, we have a simple 3 step system that will help you achieve your “perfect day every day”.

Think of your perfect day:

What do you do when you wake up in the morning?

What happens next?

Who do you meet in the day?

Where is lunch?

With who?

What feelings does this bring up in you right now?

Where in your body do you feel it?

One out of ten; what intensity is it right now?

What happens when you intensify it even more up to a fifteen?

Now, take a deep breath and bring that feeling right up to a 20…

How does that change it for you?

See you can change how you feel in any given moment.

You can even change your state:

Watch as I bring 2 parts of one man into congruence on a sidewalk cafe in Denver:

Rather than tailor my own life by myself I now utilize mentors to guide me:

It’s with deep reverence and gratitude I say thank you for taking the time to associate your mind with me today.

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Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart


The Ascending Kouple

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Skype: vince.wishart


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