Recovering Addict creates Amazing Outcomes Through the Power of Association


Most of you may know me as an award winning tattoo artist

or as an online marketing guru (up and coming anyways)


Many of you do not know that I am a grateful recovering addict.

Yes that’s right, a drug addict!


Gasp,,,what was your addiction many have asked.


Well…I was addicted to “MORE” preferably yours because I was
selfish that way.

My story here:

I battled it for many years…26 or so.

In and out of recovery for 18 yrs before finally getting it
6.5 yrs ago.

Today was Fresh Start Recovery Centre’s 12 Stops for recovery
motorcycle ride.

A chance to give back!

Last December they asked me to do a mural for them.


Through my association with Fresh Start I have been able to achieve 6.5 years

of recovery through letting go of my old way of being.

I also got to meet Barbara I mean Annette Stanwick lol tonight who has written

the book “Forgiveness: the Mystery and the Miracle”.


I’m¬†looking forwards to doing some coaching with her around my book I’m

writing entitled:

” Hi My Name is Vince and I Am a Recovering Jehovah’s Witness”.

It is also about forgiveness and love is the intention behind it.


Wayne is the fundraising coordinator at Fresh Start and an all around

amazing guy.


This is a monk I encountered at the buddist temple on the route :


This is post that was up in the bathroom:


How true is that for me…I feel that in a deep place inside myself.

There were Sumo wrestlers on the route:

Stop 9 of the 12 steps:

Michael the addict delivers his “weapon of choice”

Some related info on addiction:


I am so blessed to be apart of something so much bigger than myself



Vince (Vin-Zen) Wishart


The Ascending Kouple