Ascending Koi Tattoo Giving Back to Calgary Flood Relief


Check out this cool video:


We hosted a rad block party fundraiser.

We do this through our brick and mortar business as well as our online businesses we set the same intentions throughout the Ascending Koi Group of Companies.

We designed the business based on our personal befief systems.


We were told by Bill Walsh Venture Capitalist that: “When opening a business in this day and age to observe what the masses do and run in the opposite direction”


We were not interested in having a tattoo studio that resembled anything like the underbelly, seedy tattoo shops of the past.


So we set a strong intention to create a stand apart business that brings tattooing back to its original intention: That of a “right of passage or a spiritual experience”.


When you come to our studio you will feel different. In a better way.

-Engaging staff

-Giving Back with community events

-Soothing music in our studio sanctuary

-Neurolinguistic programming techniques applied to the tattoo process

-No rock star attitudes,

-Humble and thoughtful approach to the industry

-Not just about producing an amazing tattoo, but also about including the client in the creative process

-Developing and maintaining lasting relationships with the clients

Our goal is to give the best service while providing a safe environment for our fantastic demographic of people.

We do community events to bring a former underground business to an above ground high profile business of a drug free, swearing free, (we have a swear jar) that we can authenically market and blog about to our followers and supporters.

We apply these same strategies to all our businesses in the Ascending Koi Group of companies.

This includes our online businesses. We give so value that people think we are nuts. You see how here:

Our intention with our online businesses is to not only give great value, but also help people ascend in their own lives to get to more prosperous way of being not only financially, but also spiritually, and even physical health is addressed in our blogs and email processes.

So come ascend with us and we will see you on the beaches of the world




Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art


The Ascending Kouple

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