As If…A Tattoo Millionaire?



“Impossible.” they said.

“How could it be possible?” I said.

I’ve been seeking out ways to become a millionaire or find financial freedom for a long while now.

In and out of tattooing.

I found a few people that have achieved millionaire status from tattooing.

Ami James and Kat Von D became millionaires through their television shows and corporate sponsorships.

And their “Definite of Purpose”.

There is another very famous pioneering fella here in Calgary that worked very hard and

focused and became an epic artist even though he had a handicap of being color blind.

Through very hard work, he achieved millionaire status.

He had a divorce which cost him a lot. His former wife went into competition with him. The

tax man also bit a large chunk out his profits later on as well. Real personal growth stuff.


I have interviewed a lot of the older tattoo artists the ones one may call ” Successful”. I

found few millionaires. If they were able to achieve millionaire status it seemed that

much the rest of their life was in shambles.


For me Millionaire is a state of mind. Not a state of pocketbook.

I have seen people win the lottery and then were unable to retain the wealth as their

mindset was not in congruency with their pocketbook.

Timothy Ferris has a new book called: ” The 4 Hour Workweek”


down load it for free here:

Bruce Dickson sang a song about being a tattooed millionaire:

Tobey and Layla have done it. Rags to riches story. Struggling musicians a few months

back. Now they need big trucks to cart their money around in.


A major inspiration for me and Suzanne.


She defines success and gives hope as a tattooed millionaire here:

We give even more hope on our Ascending Kouple blog here:

We help people step into their power here:

Click the link below and see how we help people connect to their inner greatness and give it

to the rest of the world. Join the movement towards freedom.






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