Anthony Robbins explains the power of decision

An empowered decision changes Everything

vinandsuz surf




If you found out that you were to die in two weeks,,,

Who would you call?

How would you be?

How would that change your decision making?

How would you live?

When do people make the decision to start living

With fulfillment?

What’s your target?

What are you after?

What creates zeal in you?

3 decisions to make immediately

What are gonna focus on now?

What meaning will you give it?

What emotion does that stir in you?

Its this emotion that then creates the action….

If you had made a different decision in the past, how would your life be different today?

Anthony Robbins explains how:

What a rush!!!

Oh what a feeling a decision can make!

Vince (Vinzen) Wishart

The Ascending Kouple


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