NLP Breakthrough for Martin on a sidewalk cafe in Denver

by | on August 6, 2013  


one person may see me like this while anther may see me like this:


2 people in the same situation both
perceiving it differently.

Breakthrough moments happen for us when

we look at things differently.

Perception equals projection.

Which means then the way look at things
is the way things become.

Quantum physics has done very extensive research on this topic and have found that cells even molecules will change just by the way see them

The way we perceive them.
This link goes into depth:

Martin had a perception that was no longer serving him. So we dealt with it right there in minutes he was no longer in bondage to his limiting belief systems. He had a breakthrough.

Martin’s breakthrough changed his perception to one of more resourcefulness.

Empower”s founder David Wood is a linguistics and
NLP master practitioner.
These are the things he uses on us all the time.
I’m conscious of it as i have conscious competence
as I am a certified practitioner of NLP and SIIA as
well as I am working on my hypnosis certification as

My purpose on this planet is to help people find their
purpose with absolute clarity. So they can scream

breakthrough when they understand their power to create any positive outcome.

Once we have established their purpose (often times found
through an exercise called the “Values Elicitation” an NLP
process which I guide them through takes about 3 hrs and
radically changes their lives in powerfully positive ways
call 403 276 3066 to book a consult. Skype process can be
done for this exercise)

I do this to create great outcomes for others and the highest
good of all is my intention. Always.

Vince (Vin-Zen) Wish-art

Breakthrough artists  and Dreamhealers

The Ascending Kouple


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Suzanne and i met just about 6 yrs ago and began really good friends, then great friends, then life partners. Our drives in life are congruent and share similar messages in wanting to help and heal others in all areas of their lives. Diet, mental, spiritual, financial. We strive for great outcomes for others and live to be in service in order to assist in creating the highest outcomes for others.

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